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Six construction steps for a streamlined building process.


Build using just 4 simple panels - standard, taper top, brick ledge, and 90-degree corner.

Strength & Stability

Thicker foam panels and unmatched corner block web support.

Innovative Design

Introducing the Flextie™ for lightning-fast installation.

Easy Wall Openings

Simplified wall openings with the Pro Buck™ system.

Robust Interlock

Durable and reversible interlock system for enhanced stability.

Element ICF FlexTie

Introducing Flexties™

Flexties™ lock into Element panels to create site-assembled full or half-height Element blocks. They can also be used to permanently bond courses of blocks together when desired. For faster and easier assembly, Element’s patented Flexties™ are designed with no top and bottom, front or back.

Advantages of Element ICF®


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